Sunday, July 27, 2008

1936 Fire Station, Creswick

Fire Station, CreswickThe 1936 Fire Station in the Victorian country town of Creswick at first glace is little more than a square box but closer inspection revels some simple but elegant decoration.

Notice the series of horizontal lines on each side of the facade near the roofline. Aptly displaying the rule of three common to so many art deco features, they shorten as they get closer to the ground.

Lettering in the dark brown surround to the entrance bears the name and year.

Fire Station, CreswickSimple ribbed columns are topped with floral motifs while the whole element is stepped above the doorway.

These days the Creswick Fire Brigade, which has been serving their community since 1854, has a new fire station which opened in 2005 but it is good to see the old building has found a new use as The Haymarket, a gas retailer.

Update: Thanks to drewsel from the wonderful Bernice Bobs Her Hair blog, who has let me know that the Creswick Fire Station is now being used as a Post Office.


  1. Love this post! The Fire Station is now the Creswick Post Office, Australia Post built a modern shopfront in the end where the rollerdoor (fire engine door)is. :D

  2. The only photo I took of it recently - it's in the background here :

  3. Thanks for the update. It is great to know that it has found another use.