Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pioneer House, Chippendale

Pioneer House, ChippendaleBroadway in Chippendale was widened in the early 1930s leading to a series of Art Deco style buildings being constructed.

Pioneer House, designed in 1934 by Wright & Apperly, is one such building.

The ground floor has been altered so there is no longer a bank or the shops opening onto the street. I don't know if the decoration has been modified from the original installation but the colour scheme is a bit dull for me.

The decoration along the roofline, on the other hand, is stunning, especially when lit by the mid-winter late afternoon Sydney sunshine.

There are several different decorative panels and each spandrel has a series of ridges and bars. There is decoration above the windows including a shaft of triangular windows stretching amost the height of the building from the central entrance.

Pioneer House, Chippendale

Pioneer House, Chippendale

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