Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go Saints, 2010 AFL Grand Final

St Kilda have won their way into successive Grand Finals for only the second time in their 137 year history. In 1965 we finished top of the ladder and lost the Grand Final before winning the premiership, our only premiership, in 1966 beating Collingwood by 1 point.

In 2009 we finished top and lost the Grand Final and today we play Collingwood for premiership glory. I will be among the 100,000 plus people at the 'G' today and I can only dream of what it will feel like if we are in front when the final siren sounds.

Last year I posted photos of 20th C buildings decorated in St Kilda colours so I've done the same this year, including some old favourites and some new ones.

Raising the Flag

Raising the St Kilda flag at the Prince of Wales in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

Nice Kite

Streamline flat in Fitzroy Street

Posing, Red, White & Black

Saints fans posing for a picture outside a red, white and black shop in Fitzroy Street.

Marli Place, St Kilda

Marli Place, Upper Esplanade

Vineyard, St KIlda

St Kilda flags on Vineyard Restaurant, Acland Street. I wonder if they decorated the lamppost as well.

Vineyard, St Kilda

A Saints flag on the corner of the Vineyard Restaurant in Acland Street, St Kilda.

Flats, St Kilda

A St Kilda guernsey in a ground floor flat in St Kilda.

St KIlda Guernsey, St Kilda

90s 'crusader' style St Kilda guernsey.

Ballantrae, St Kilda

Very loyal Sainters in Ballantrae.

Flats, Middle Park

Flats in Middle Park

St Kilda Guernsey, Middle Park

Old VFL St Kilda guernsey in the window of a flat in Middle Park.

St Kilda Sea Baths

St Kilda flag flying over the St Kilda Sea Baths.



  1. Spouse and I lived in St Kilda when the children were young. We didn't have enough money to go to nice places in those days, but we were close enough to Junction Oval to walk in after half time for free! It broke my heart when St Kilda emigrated south.

    Both of us barrack for Melbourne, but we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the sainters, and would have loved to see them win today. After all, it is only us oldies who can remember 1966 in great detail.

    Oh yes... we still love the Vineyard Restaurant, St Kilda Sea Baths and the Prince of Wales :) Go sainters (next week)!

  2. Thanks Hels ... a draw and I have a good pic for tomorrow's post