Monday, September 12, 2011

Shop & Apartments, Belo Horizonte

Shop & Apartments, Belo Horizonte

Granted, this modest shop with residential accommodation on the upper floor in Belo Horizonte doesn't look much in the photo above but the side view along Rua da Bahia is a different story altogether.

Shop & Apartments, Belo HorizonteThe beautiful sky and bright sunline help, of course, but look at the range of decorative lines and angles.

The 'V' in the roofline at is very interesting and offers a contrast to the flat section of the extension at the rear.

Red lines above and below the windows in the front (older?) section and overlapping horizontal lines and bands on the rear section.

Look at the balconies. A small square balcony on the side and a rounded one on the corner at the front.

An interesting combination.


  1. I like balconies - a variation of them co-existing so close to each other. Roof shape helps to give an overall artistic impression. Though the color does not fit this building very well...

  2. Elli, I don't like the colour much either. Too yellow for me.