Sunday, December 25, 2011

A House in Warragul

Peace Avenue, WarragulA lovely deco house in Warragul. Great gate posts, replicated on the porch. A strip of garden outside the hedge next to the footpath. Inlaid coloured brick for decoration.

There's a lot going on including that old hubcap on the gate. It must have a practical use. I can see the owners smashing into it with their shopping jeep into that hubcap to protect the gate and open it at the same time. At least I hope that is the genius behind the addition.

Best wishes and peace to everyone this Christmas time!

PS: Did I mention that this house is in Peace Avenue.

PPS: If you want to know more about shopping jeeps have a look at Kitty and the Cartwheelers’ Shopping Jeep Bonanza, a short film by Michaela French from 1996.

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