Monday, January 7, 2013

Town Hall, Beverley

Beverley Town Hall

The small Western Australian town of Beverley has a great Art Deco pub, a nice little deco Child Heath Centre and this wonderful Town Hall. The Town Hall was designed by Perth architect, W G Bennett and was built in 1938. It incorporates the Hall …

Beverley Town Hall

and the Lesser Hall.

Beverley Town Hall

Beverley - A Walk Along Vincent Street


  1. Beverley must be a very small town. I lived in WA for a few years and yet had never heard the name mentioned. Small town, but clearly the good burghers wanted their communal facilities to be very grand.

    I went back and had a look at the pub. It fits into an entire generation of stylish deco pubs.

    1. Beverley was settled in the 1830s and I read somewhere it has under 900 residents.

      If you want to know more Hels, this website has some info.