Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuppel Hotel, Finley

Tuppal Hotel, FinleyThe Tuppel Hotel is a big traditional country pub in Finley, New South Wales. Often country pubs have deep verandahs at street level and an open balcony above but the Art Deco style Tuppel just has a cantilevered verandah proving shade for the footpath but offers no balcony space for drinkers.

The building combines horizontal bands in the brickwork with darker coloured bricks provide columns and fins at the central upper storey windows.

Tuppal Hotel, Finley

The bands around the chimney a nice piece of decoration easily overlooked.

Tuppal Hotel, FinleyA series of Art Deco motifs ring the building, just below the roofline, highlighted in red and green while the name of the hotel is spelt out in metal letters on both faces of the pub and is then repeated on the edge of the verandah along the main street.

Next time I'm up that way, I'll invest in a beer or two to see what goodies can be found inside.

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