Friday, June 10, 2011

Pyrene Building, Brentford

Pyrene Building, BrentfordThis is the Pyrene Building in what has been dubbed Brentford's 'Golden Mile' of Art Deco factory buildings along the Great West Road. The infamous Firestone Building stood across the road, Gillette Corner is nearby and, what is now the UK Head Office of J C Decaux is next door.

Wallis, Gilbert & Partners designed the Firestone factory around 1928 and the Pyrene Building in the years immediately following that. Then, in the early 1930s they designed one of west London's other deco greats, the Hoover Building.

I can see influences for the Hoover Building in the details Pyrene Building. The curly cue features on the central tower appear at ground level on the Hoover Building but also the colours around the doors and the design of the lamps are also reminiscent of Hoover.

Pyrene Building, Brentford

Pyrene Building, Brentford

archINFORM - Firestone Tyre Factory
archINFORM - Pyrene Building
archINFORM - Hoover Factory


  1. Why was Firestone infamous - because it was destroyed? The fact that the fence and gates are now Grade II Listed is a bit tragic isn't it... you feel like screaming TOO LATE, YOU DIM WITTED BUGGERS!

    Is the Pyrene Building protected?

  2. Thanks for your comment Hels. Infamous is my description and yes because it was demolished in controversial circumstances ... over a holiday weekend on the eve of being listed. Hopefully the lessons have been learnt and they are no delays in listing important buildings.

    And Yes Pyrene Building is Grade II listed under the name Westlink House. Here's a link to the citation on the English Heritage website.