Saturday, October 15, 2011

Assembly Hall, Footscray

Assembly Hall, FootscrayNo doubt there is quite a history to this little deco Assembly Hall in the back streets of Footscray.

Who assembled here? Who uses it now and why have the windows been bricked up with such unsympathetic bricks?

I first glimpsed this building several years ago from Footscray Road, just before it takes a dog-leg and ducks under the Geelong Road overpass. Since then I have always looked for it when passing but never ventured down for a closer look and to take a few photos ... until now.

Assembly Hall, Footscray


  1. Tricky, isn't it? An assembly hall usually implies large groups of people, perhaps for music, dancing or other entertainment. Yet this little building looks more serious - religious gatherings? town hall offices?

    Shame about its decrepitude.

  2. I've a feeling that it may have been a Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall.

    Googling brought up this -

    I've a feeling I've seen a similar JW Hall somewhere on the east coast of Australia but it was years ago and before I was taking more of an interest in buildings.

  3. Thanks Helen. Another piece in the jigsaw. We'll figure out what it was one day.

  4. David-here is the definite answer to this building.It was once a Wine Saloon (no beer,fortified wines only),originally a wooden structure,but rebuilt in the early '30's in much the condition as it is now.When liquor laws changed in the 1960's it was sold and became a Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Hall.The blocked up windows are the result of the front windows being repeatedly broken by kids throwing rocks through them.
    The building was sold in the early '90's and the Jehovahs sign was replaced with the current one.

    1. Thank you Warren. You've completed the jigsaw. Great stuff.