Friday, October 21, 2011

Police and Fire Station No 10, Montreal

former Police & Fire Station No 10, MontrealI was interested to learn of the practice in Montreal, and perhaps elsewhere in Canada, of combining police stations and fire stations in a single building.

This is former Police and Firs Station No 10, now just Fire Station No 25. It was designed by Harold Edgar Shorey and Samuel Douglas Richie.

former Police & Fire Station No 10, Montreal

former Police & Fire Station No 10, MontrealThe doors to the separate police & fire sections of the building are marked with simple block letters. Police on one side of the building with the bays for the fire engines around the corner.

A frieze above the Police Station door depicts city buildings in one section and shipping activity it two others.

former Police & Fire Station No 10, Montreal
The building was constructed in 1931 and won first prize in the public building category from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada the same year.

Centre-Ville tour booklet, 10th World Congress on Art Deco, Montreal


  1. Very sensible indeed. I would have added ambulances and any other emergency services, giving the city a complete response capacity in one place.

    I hope the building's interior was open, airy and functional... the exterior was not as attractive as some of your other community facilities.

  2. It would have been fascinating to visit during the 30s to see the setup in action.