Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dreamland, Margate

Dreamland, Margate

The Dreamland cinema was opened on 22 March 1935. It was designed by architects, J R Leathart, W R Granger and J B Iles.

It survived as a single auditorium cinema until 1973 when the balcony was converted into twin cinemas and the stalls area converted into a bingo hall.

My photo dates from 2001 when the cinemas and bingo hall were still open. Both cinemas and the bingo closed in 2007.

Art Deco Super-Cinemas of Margate, Margate Museum Fact Sheet No. 5
Lost Bingo Halls - Dreamland Bingo Margate, Playing Bingo UK website


  1. There is something special about cinemas being built in the 1925-40 era and decorated in the Deco taste. But Margate wasn't just any old town. They wanted to impress both the day trippers and the holiday crowd, and Dreamland did a great job :)

  2. It certainly impressed me as a day tripper :-)