Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From New York to Fish Creek Exhibition

I received a call from the West Gippsland Arts Centre on Monday afternoon saying that they had had a cancellation and could I hang my From New York to Fish Creek exhibition any earlier ... like this week!

'Of course', I said. What an opportunity!

So after two very busy days (and nights) I now have an exhibition. The captions aren't done yet but they'll be up as soon as I can get them done.

I'm pleased with how it looks so far and I had quite a few interested viewers and favourable comments as the frames went up.

From New York to Fish Creek Exhibition
From New York to Fish Creek
West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul

Open Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Web 1 Feb to Fri 24 Feb, 2012


  1. And with some pride, I... So you should. The name is enough to attract attention.

  2. Thanks Andrew ... Lots of favourable comments so far ... I need to organise a Visitor's Book to capture them better.