Friday, June 21, 2013

Harvey's Building, Hastings

Harvey's, Hastings

Don't you just love it … No not the mini digger or the cop car or even the workmen taking a break sitting on the footpath under the verandah. Just look past all that to the lovely Spanish Mission style building behind. Harvey's Building or to be more accurate, the former Harvey's Building. It is now the Hastings Community Arts Centre. It was designed by Albert Garnett and built in 1933 and inside there is this marvellous Art Deco skylight.

Skylight, Hastings

Spanish Mission Hastings - Styles of Five Decades, Peter Shaw & Peter Hallett, Cosmos Publications, Napier, 1991


  1. I am not fond of Spanish Mission, but the skylight is fantastic. I've been to Hastings but I can't quite remember where it is. Off to to teacher Geo Google.

  2. Spanish Mission is not my favourite either Andrew and without doing an empirical study I would say there is more general Art Deco in Hastings than Spanish Mission but its proximity to Napier means it has been labelled Spanish Mission against Napier's Art Deco.