Saturday, July 31, 2010

former Casterton Town Hall

Casterton Town HallCasterton Town Hall was designed by A C Leith and construction was completed in 1937. Casterton is now part of Glenelg Shire with the main civic centre in Portland but for many years the building served as both Town Hall and as a cinema for the town.

It is at odds with most of the older buildings in the town that date from almost 100 years earlier but it does have some contemporaries such as Murrells Shoes, directly opposite, and Electra House a little bit further along Henty St.

It seems to me that there us a flagpole missing from the building above the main entrance but perhaps it was designed that way.

The foyer has series of Art Deco lights and some nice metalwork in the railings of the stairs to the upper floor.

Casterton Town Hall

Casterton Town Hall

Reference: Jaffas Down the Aisles - A survey of Cinemas in Country Victoria for Heritage Victoria, June 2008


  1. Hi David,

    I have a photo of this town hall with all it's original trimmings.
    Originally, the clock was lower and there was indeed a flagpole installed.
    Additionally, the verandah has two "features" hanging down from it, possibily light fittings.
    In addition to the main entrance, there were two extra doors, one either side where the single windows are.

    This photo has come from my grandmother, who ran a business in Casterton between 1936 and about 1939/40. I am able to send you a copy if you wish.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I would be very interested to see the photo and if you allow I would feature it on my blog to show how the building has changed over the years.