Saturday, July 24, 2010

Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Melbourne


I've written previously about the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV) in A'Beckett St but today I took the opportunity to re-visit this 1938 former Australian Army Medical Corps building by architect George Hallendal as part of the Melbourne Open House weekend.

Firstly there was the added benefit of the exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Flinders St Station based on Jenny Davies book, Beyond the Façade. But it is the Art Deco features, especially in the former Mess Hall upstairs, that drew me back.

Stairs, RHSV, Melbourne

The former Mess Hall is now used by RHSV as a meeting space.

RHSV, Melbourne

The simple decoration includes these scallop elements either side of the ceiling beams and the 'cake stand' lights.

Ceiling, RHSV, Melbourne

Melbourne Open House continues tomorrow with about 60 buildings open to the public and if you go to the RHSV building, don't miss the small toilet off the Mess Hall and check out the glorious orange Art Deco tiles.

Deco Tiles, RHSV, Melbourne


  1. The last time I went past this building, I wondered if you had covered it. I like your shots of the interior. This extends the Open House experience for those who didn't get there.

  2. Thanks Janet.

    I was passing again today and popped in AGAIN for another look.

  3. I love this building, looked to see what you've recorded Saturday and previously. It has much in common with the Harry Norris Missions to Seamen building of the year before. What a great place to house the RHSV!

  4. Thanks Pat. It is hard to tell but you may have noticed that the oval vents on the outside of the former Medical Corps building are identical to those on the former (now all but gone) Government Aircraft Factory in Lorimer St, Port Melbourne