Monday, July 26, 2010

A House in Port Melbourne

House, Port MelbourneI'm not sure exactly what to make of this house in Port Melbourne.

From the distance it looks like so many single-storey double-fronted houses in the area. Certainly the corrugated iron pitched roof and the chimneys could be from the mid 19th Century but the front is deco.

There is a small step in the roofline and thin bricks in a stepped pattern on the sides and tops of the windows.

Window, Port MelbourneI wish I knew someone at the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society who could do some research on the house and perhaps unravel some of the mystery.

Hang on a minute, I do know someone ... me!!! I'll report back if I find anything.

Update: 28 July 2010

House, Port MelbourneI dropped past this house today and was surprised to find that it is currently undergoing the next stage of its evolution. The old windows are being replaced with french doors with a small window off to the side. The decorative bricks around the windows have been kept but are now painted the same colour as the rest of the house.

The low wall is gone and I suspect they will build a much taller wall to create a courtyard at the front of the house with the french doors opening onto it.

Window, Port Melbourne

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  1. Yes, it is a strange anomaly in the street, so I look forward to you uncovering the reason for this particular style.