Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alfresco, Brighton

Alfresco Restaurant, BrightonThis is the view from the beach of Alfresco Restaurant in Brighton. A wonderful location looking out on the historic piers and the English Channel.

The address is given as Milkmaid Pavilion which conjures up more questions in my mind than answers. I presume it was a dressing pavilion for bathers ... but there must be some story behind the Milkmaid name.

Alfresco Restaurant, BrightonFrom the Upper Esplanade the building looks like a ship cruising into shore. The outside terraces are bounded by metal railings and the tower marking the entrance has porthole windows and a flagpole.

I'm sure as the Alfresco name suggests, this is a lovely place to sit out for a meal or a drink on a sunny English summer afternoon.


  1. this is actually at the bottom of my road and a loely place to hae dinner, watching the sunset in the summer.

    i hae a few pictures from the 50's when it was still a bathing house. it didnt hae the top deck, it just had the 'tower' and the lower floor, and looked loely!

    really like your blog btw :)

    much love from Brighton



  2. Thanks LJ. It sounds delightful to stroll down to the seafront on a summer evening and enjoy a nice meal. BTW I love your sticky 'v' key.


  3. Hello,

    The reason for the name "Milk Maid Pavilion" is because it was a milk bar in the 1950s and on. Originally a changing room for bathers in the 1930s.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks for the info on the origin of the Milk Maid name. Mystery solved.