Friday, October 22, 2010

Edwards Stadium, Berkerley

Edwards Stadium, BerkeleyEdwards Stadium is the track and field venue for the University of California - Berkeley. It was designed by Warren C Perry and George Kelham and opened in 1932 just two years after the man it is dedicated to died.

A large dedication panel on the outside wall of the stadium reads

George Cunningham Edwards freshman in the first class of this University. Member of its facility continuously from graduation till death in 1930. Patron of sport and fine example of sportsmanship he believed in youth and youth made him its confidant. Modest, Kindly. Selfless. To him and his ideals these fields are dedicated.

Edwards Stadium, Berkeley

The walls are punctuated by several monolithic obelisks, each one surrounded four much smaller obelisks. The decoration also includes rounded columns, demispheres and zig-zags.

Edwards Stadium, Berkeley

And I particularly liked this decoration on the outside corner of the terraced seating.

Edwards Stadium, Berkeley

In 2000, the stadium was upgraded to include a soccer pitch for the University men's and women's teams. The Goldman family contributed money towards the upgrade and the soccer pitch was named Goldman Field in honour of Richard Samuel Goldman who had competed for the California Golden Bears under Walter M Christie, the legendary Cal track and field coach from 1900 to 1932.

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