Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kanimbla Hall, Potts Point

Kanimbla Hall, Potts PointThis is Kanimbla Hall, a piece of Sydney confection at 19-19a Tusculum Street, Potts Point.

Unfortunately I don't know when it was built or who was the architect but it is a large residential block with a simple roofline and curved section on the corner of the building.

At nice touch, I presume added at a later date, are the metal bars on the ground floor windows are in a sunburst pattern. As are the fence and gates at the garden area between the wings of the building.

Kanimbla Hall, Potts Point


  1. Built in about 1935 and the grills on the windows and court yard were there in the early 1960's when I lived in the building.

    1. Thanks for the extra info Terrelli. So the bars have been there were quite a while then. Perhaps they could even be original to the building.