Thursday, May 21, 2009

J C Decaux UK Head Office, Brentford

J C Decaux, LondonJ C Decaux have chosen this wonderful Art Deco building on the Great West Road (A4) in Brentford as their UK Head Office.

I know from a distance or a speeding car it doesn't look that special but stand in front of it and there is lots of nice features to take in.

The rectangular wings featuring their red metal framed windows have rounded ends where they meet the central tower. The tower itself has a clock and the ubiquitous flagpole.

J C Decaux, LondonAt the edge of the wings the windows cut through the corners creating a spacious feel to the building. Then another section of the building is set back from the road with lovely rounded quadrant windows at the end of the two horizontal bands.

And I make no apology for the inclusion of this arty photo, just because I like it a lot, especially the way I caught the Union Flag in mid-flutter.

J C Decaux, London