Friday, December 13, 2013

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund, Shanghai

This is a nice section of The Bund in Shanghai. The building in the centre with the clock towers the Customs House. To the left of that is the dome of the The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank while on this side there is a lovely little white deco building, the former Bank of Communications. Closest to the camera is another bank building, the Central China Bank. Finally sitting in the background is the modern Bund Financial Centre with it's illuminated crown.


  1. As you may remember, when I was looking at inter-war Shanghai, the historical banks, consulates and trading houses from Europe and the Middle East, right along the river, were particularly appealing.

    Thanks for a link to your more modern look at the Bund.


    1. For sure Helen, the Jewish influence on Shanghai is just one of the fascinating stories in this fascinating city. The wave of emigrants escaping various pogroms and Nazi persecution in Europe from the mid 19th C to the mid 20th C certainly shaped the look of the Bund and other neighbourhoods.