Friday, May 21, 2010

Cafe Sol, Greenwich

Cafe Sol, GreenwichA while back I wrote about Burton's Deco Elephants including photos of elephants on former Burton's stores in Belfast and Streatham with links to other examples from around the UK.

In that post I mentioned seeing the elephants on a building in Greenwich and today I came across my photos of it.

As you can see it now the Cafe Sol, or at least it was when I took the photos, but it has a lot of the usual Burton's decoration.

Cafe Sol, GreenwichAs with other former Burton's buildings, there is an empty cartouche that would have presumably enclosed the Burton name during the store's operation.

There is also thin horizontal banding with zig-zag mitofs at regular intervals and, of course, the elephants heads on the column capitals.

And as I identified in my previous piece the tusks on these elephants (and other across England) are turned inwards where the Belfast elephants have tusks that are turned outwards.

Cafe Sol, Greenwich

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