Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sands & McDougall Building, Adelaide

Sands & McDougall, Adelaide

The former Sands & McDougall Building in King William Street, Adelaide is a small building with a narrow facade.

Sands & McDougall, AdelaideIn 1933 that narrow facade was redeigned by architectural firm Philip Claridge in association by L Gregory Butler and Norman G Fisher producing a multitude of Art Deco features.

There is decorative metalwork above the top floor windows and bands of chevrons below the windows and across the top of the building. The very top of the facade has stylised floral forms on the edges of the parapet and in the stonework capping of the columns either side of the windows.

ADS Adelaide Chapter, Inaugural Adelaide CBD Walking Tour, April 2008.


  1. You find the most interesting spots :)

    I don't know if you have the Marine Building Vancouver in your collection, but I cannot see Vancouver on your Location list. is worth having a look at.

    The reason I mentioning it now is because the Sands & McDougall Building Adelaide has a narrow facade that was redesigned by an architectural firm. The Marine Building in Vancouver seems to be more Deco all over.

  2. Thanks Helen.

    I haven't been to Vancover (yet!!!). I know of the Marine Building and it is top of my list if I do get to that part of Canada.