Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cruiser's Cafe 66, Williams

Cruiser's Cafe 66, WilliamsStopping off in Williams, Az on the original Route 66 was a wonderful journey back to what roadtrips were like prior to the need to rush from one place to another along non-descript intertate highways.

The town, even on a unseasonably cold and wet Tuesday, was lively and interesting.

Cruiser's Cafe 66 immediately grabbed my attention. The car on the roof of the canopy helped but behind the tables and umbrellas this was obviously a former streamline service station, or gas station if you prefer.

The speedlines are now picked out in red neon but the basic structure building is still there and it is a lovely thing to see after the homogeneous architecture of today's chains along I-40.

Cruiser's Cafe 66, Williams

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