Wednesday, May 12, 2010

former Morris Bros Union Dairy, Middle Park

former Dairy, Middle ParkThis house in Middle Park is a wonderful example of how older building can be re-used and adapted for a new purpose after they are no longer required as originally planned.

The white portions of this house providing the front entrance and ground floor facade were, in a former life, part of Morris Bros Union Dairy. To cater for modern living, the site has been excavated to provide a large garage and a second storey in a contrasting style has been added.

This type of redevelopment appeals to me. It is easy to see the extent of the original building and the Art Deco detailing has been retained in the new structure yet presumably the new owners have created a great home for themselves.

The new house retains some of the history of the site and prompts observers to wonder what it was before.

Reference: Melbourne Art Deco, Robin Grow


  1. Actually I dont like this at all. The new elements, though clearly distinguished, rather over-dominate the original building - they are on top, in front, and even below ! The windows now have new thin frames and reflective glass, and the tapestry brickwork has been painted over. Ithink there are many other similar buildings of the era that have been more sensitively re-used than this one.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I'm just happen the building survives in some form unlike many other, sometimes significant buldings, that have been completly demolished to meet the changing needs of current owners or the requirements of new owners.