Friday, June 11, 2010

Belfast Art Deco Walking Tour

While all eyes are on South Africa this weekend, I'm thinking of Belfast and I wish I was there.

PLACE, the Architecture and Built Environment Centre for Northern Ireland is running a Belfast Art Deco Walking Tour this Saturday at 12:30pm.

No doubt it will include some great deco buildngs like Sinclair's,

Sinclair's, Belfast

the Bank of Ireland

Detail, Bank of Ireland Buildings, Belfast

and my personal favourite, the elephants on the former Burton's Store in Ann Street.

Burton's Deco Elephant, Belfast

If there's a tour booklet can someone pick one up fo me ... then we just got to work out how to get it to Melbourne.


  1. David,

    Wonderful details. Like you, I'd love to be there for the walking tour. Another time!


  2. Thanks Susan. And yes perhaps another time and another place.

  3. The elephants on the former Burton's Store is my favourite too. A deco tour sounds intriguing.

  4. I hope the PLACE Art Deco Walk was very successful and they continue to run them on a regular basis.