Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Niagara Bank, Buffalo

First Niagara Bank, BuffaloYou don't often find a car inside a branch of a bank but at this branch of the First Niagara Bank at corner of Main and Jewett in Buffalo that is exactly what you will find.

The building had been a Cadillac dealership for many years before it became a bank but the car is a not a Cadillac.

It is a Pierce-Arrow. In 1929-30, this . Designed by H E Plumer Associates and Harold F Kellogg it was built in 1929-30 as a Pierce-Arrow showroom did not see out the 1930s with the car manufacturer going bankrupt in 1938.

Reference: Narrative History of Braun Cadillac Showroom by David M Rote, accompanying a 1995 watercolour of the building by Dr V Roger Lalli on City of Buffalo website.

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