Saturday, June 5, 2010

A House on the Golf Links Estate, Camberwell

Golf Links Estate, CamberwellThis is an interesting house on the Golf Links Estate in Camberwell, Melbourne.

The first aspect that attracts my attention is the rounded stepping wall at the porch entrance. Then there is the arrangement of the windows with the 'barley twist' columns and the fanlight above the central panes.

Notice also the decorative brickwork. The stepped sets of bricks at the bottom corners of the windows, each holding up a column. The quoining, illustrated best on the right hand corner of the house and the horizontal band of bricks across the gable.

Another nice feature is the L-shaped planter at the porch entrance. Besides being a decorative feature it acts as a guide and a barrier, keeping visitors to the path leading to the front door.

Golf Links Estate, Camberwell

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