Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Essex House, Miami

Essex House, MiamiEssex House Hotel in Miami South Beach was designed by Henry Hohauser and built in 1938.

This hotel has all the deco elements. Porthole windows along the top storey. Eyebrows proving shade for the windows on the lower storeys. A rounded corner with the hotel name in neon. Another neon sign along the side of the building and of course on the tower.

A little Miami beauty.

Essex House Hotel website


  1. When I was thinking about brightly coloured architecture in towns, both residential and otherwise, I dismissed the Miami Deco hotels because they were largely painted in pastel colours.

    But now might be a time to rethink. Not only are Miami colours an integral part of the town's Deco identity, as Essex House shows, the choice of coloured architecture in Miami may also predate many of the towns I looked at.

    Normally I don't keep on ruminating about a topic, once I have moved onto a new post. But in this case I might :)


  2. An interesting topic Helen. You post indicates that all over the world residents of various cities and towns have painted/coloured their houses in bright colours starting at different times and for different reasons.

    Another coastal community you might want to consider is the Cape Malay community and their colourful houses in Bo Kaap, Cape Town.