Saturday, November 27, 2010

A House in Tulsa

A House in Tulsa, OklahomaThis is a great looking house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Everywhere I look I see the Art Deco 'Rule of Three'. Three square openings at the top of the chimney. Three square glass-brick windows stacked vertically next to the chimney and above those windows perhaps a series of three vents. There are also two sets of three smaller windows or vents on other parts of the structure.

Even the wall surrounding the property has three incised lines which is maintained as the height of the wall steps down with the level of the ground.

A House in Tulsa, OklahomaThis view shows what could be classed as the public aspect of the house and while the 'Rule of Three' is less evident there is a series of three small windows high on the house near the chimney and again three incised lines on the side wall of the garage.

For me the other main features of this house are the overall form of stacked blocks creating many levels and interesting spaces and also the windows at the front of the house which cut into the corner of the building. This house still has a strut on the apex of the corner where many houses from this period allow the glass of the window to cut through the wall completely.

A lovely house and no doubt a lovely place to live.

Since I wrote this post, I've been able to identify the house as the Fleeger Residence (1937) designed by Frederick V Kershner.

Fleeger Residence, Art Deco Buildings in Tulsa, Tulsa Preservation Commission website


  1. Photographic skills evident. Very nicely framed. But how flattering to the house is the garden.

  2. Very true Andrew the garden is lovely and well maintained.