Friday, November 5, 2010

former Hallman's Chevrolet Showroom, Rochester

former Chevrolet Showroom, RochesterAlthough this is now a Spot Coffee Cafe it is not difficult to tell that it was a Chevrolet showroom in a former life.

In fact it was Hallman's showroom and started life in the early 1900s but was made-over in Streamline Art Deco style in 1936. The work done around that time is glorious. The clock, neon Chevrolet signs and that amazing arched window.

former Chevrolet Showroom, Rochester

New York Car Showrooms, Agility Nut's Roadside Architecture website
Spot Coffee website


  1. Who was the original owner of Hallman, and is there any history? I am trying to find the past owner.

    Please contact me at
    thank you!

    Beautiful building! I live on East ave and miss the "Spot" when will it open?

  2. Sorry mate! I just paid a fleeting visit to Rochester so I can't help you out with your questions. Maybe one of my readers will have some answers for you.