Friday, November 19, 2010

Windows in Napier

A while ago I got a request to post some pictures of Art Deco windows. So when I while I was looking at my photos from Napier for Wednesday post about Harston's Building I put aside a selection of windows to show you today.

Harston's, Napier

You should remember this windows from Harston's Building (1930) but around the fabulous ground floor entrance they are lovely leadlight windows.

Window, Harston's, Napier

Window, Harston's, Napier

Window, Tennyson Chambers, Napier

This monogramed window comes from above the door of Tennyson Chambers.

Window, Gladstone Chambers, Napier

Nearby Gladstone Chambers has this window above its door.

Window, Tennyson St, Napier

At 58 Tennyson St, the window looks like this.

Window, Napier

A different style of monogramed window but I can't identify the building it comes from.

Window, Napier

Nor this one.

Window, Napier

I think this one is from Westerman's Building (1932).

Window, AMP Building, Napier

This is from the Louis Hay designed AMP Building (1933).

Window, Masonic Hotel, Napier

The front of the Masonic Hotel (1932) and the glass canopy over the side entrance are often photographed but you don't often see this simple window on the side of the hotel.

Window, Hawke's Bay Museum & Art Gallery, Napier

Likewise the decorative work above the entrance to the Hawke's Bay Museum and Art Gallery (1935) but perhaps not the pairs of small windows in the annexes on either side of the entrance.

Window, ASB Bank, Napier

The ASB Bank (1932) is renowned for the maori style decoaration on the ceiling but here is a similar motif in the windows.

Window, ASB Bank, Napier

And this pattern on a small exterior window of the ASB Bank building.

Window, Rothman's Building, Napier

Rothman's Building (1933) still has wooden slash windows but with wonderful floral leadlights in the upper portions.

Window, former Gaiety de Luxe Cinema, Napier

The former Gaiety de Luxe Cinema (1932) provides a touch of Spain or Morroco or both.

Window, Doyle's, Napier

And I don't know what Doyle's were thinking with this colour scheme.

Window, Hawke's Bay Chambers, Napier

The Hawke's Bay Chambers falls back to an old Art Deco favourite with chevrons worked into the pattern of the window panes.

Window, Emerson St, Napier

And how about this Enerson St building.

Window, Kidson's Corner Building, Napier

Similar windows at the former Smith & Chambers Building (1932).

Window, Masson House, Napier

Masson House (1931) has plain rectangular windows but the decoration around the feature window above the main entrance makes up for it.

Window, Countrywide Bank Building, Napier

The Countrywide Bank Building (1931) seems to combine everything ... rectangles, triangles and wonderful decoration.

House, Marewa

I love this weatherboard house in Marewa and isn't that a stunning window.

Window, Napier

The Fifth World Congress on Art Deco in 1999 gave us access to several houses in Napier with wonderful leadlight windows. This is just a taster and quite plain compared to some I will show you tomorrow.

Art Deco Napier: Styles of the thirties by Peter Shaw and Peter Hallett


  1. I hope people come over to this post and consider how Deco architecture might have influenced the decorative arts. Or perhaps in Deco's case, it was the other way around.

    many thanks for the link

  2. Hels,
    There is no doubt that in deco's case the decorative arts and architecture are intertwined. Not to mention industrial design where elements such as streamlining for ships and trains made its way to radios, vaccuum cleaners, buildings and decorative pieces.