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Église St-Esprit (interior), Rosemont

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

Yesterday on my post about the Église St-Esprit, I promised to show you the interior of this gorgeous church.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont The interior was designed by Toussait-Xénophon Renaud and some of the elements such as the flooring and the wall lights could be just as appropriate in a cinema. On the other hand the pews, seating on the main alter, the confessional boxes and the stained glass windows by Guido Nincheri do not belong anywhere but a church.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont The pews at the front of the church are enclosed by these decorated Art Deco wooden panels.

Each of the panels and the door are stepped at the top. I can see floral or sunburst forms in the decoration and, of course, a cross on the door providing access to the seating. You can also see that elements of the seating are also decorated with similar Art Deco patterns.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont Similar patterns have been used in the backs of these chairs and I think it looks more like a sunburst here.

Again we have a a representation of a cross on the large central chair which seems to employee more stepped forms than a chair can bear. Besides the stepped wooden slats below the seat, the armrest and the back supports are also stepped.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

The confessionals are also decorated but not as richly as the other woodwork. The leadlight windows do make up for it though.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

The ceiling is dominated by this cross. Again the stepped elements can be seen in this piece of decoration.

Suspended from the cross is a large round light fitting. Definitely could be found in a cinema or theatre foyer.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

And if it wasn't for the cross below this wall light it could be in a cinema auditorium.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

The flooring is no less spectacular. I suppose it is terazzo but I don't know. It could be part of a theatre foyer.

Église St-Esprit, Rosemont

If you missed them on the way in, you can't miss the pair of lights on the way out. Perhaps about 2m tall standing each side of the door in the entrance foyer.

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