Friday, December 24, 2010

Flats, South Yarra

Flats, South YarraThese flats at 67 Bromby St, South Yarra, were built in 1937. The Sands and McDougall directory of 1938 lists them under the name Yarrum Flats but the building doesn't appear to have a name anymore.

The flats are dominated by the glassed stairwell and I really like that the profile of the stairs is visble through the windows.

They are a striking block of flats in an inner suburban street.

South Yarra Walk Booklet, Art Deco & Modernist Society


  1. I love South Yarra as a suburb in general, and this block of flats in particular. The lines are crisp and the glass is gorgeous.

    Happy holidays :)

  2. South Yarra is one of those suburbs I tend to go around the edges and I wish I knew it better than I do.

    Seasons Greetings !