Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elizabeth House, Adelaide

Elizabeth House, Adelaide

Well, I am straying into dangerous territory today with this building.

I don't know a lot about Elizabeth House in Adelaide but I suspect it dates from the 1950s and is more Modernist than Art Deco but then I have always maintained that I subscribe to the broadest possible definition of Art Deco that lets me include all manner of 20th Century buildings in this blog that more scholarly types would exclude.

I just love the windows.


  1. Yep certainly looks like this building was designed in the 1950s post war style. I like to call this period "transitional" as there are many elements of Art Deco styling, but also "post-deco" styling as well. In the end though it's all Modernist (Art Deco is a form of Modernist expression) and it's all fascinating - this building is great, love the symmetry, and angled windows.