Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Melbourne

I had a plan when I set out on my walk this morning, Christmas morning, with Oscar, our Briard. The plan was to walk into the City Square and take a picture of him with his Christmas bow in front of the Christmas tree with the Manchester Unity building in the background.

Despite the many admiring glances (at Oscar) we easily made it to the City Square so I pulled my Canon IXUS 60 out of my back pocket to frame up the shot.

Now, the Canon IXUS 60 does not have a battery life indicator and knowing this I switched it on before I left home and the last picture I had taken flashed onto the display.

However, this morning, Christmas morning, in the City Square when I switched it to 'capture' mode, I was confronted with the dreaded black screen and the message 'Change the battery pack'. You see, there was enough charge left in the battery to view a picture but not enough to take one. Obviously it is my fault for not making sure the battery was charged but it would be nice if the Canon IXUS range had an on screen battery life indicator because, in just about all other aspects, it is a great little camera.

So instead here is a picture of the Manchester Unity building that I took earlier and Oscar in front of our Christmas tree at home with his Christmas bow.

Manchester Unity, Melbourne

Oscar, Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!


  1. Merry Christmas, David!

    Sorry your camera ran out of battery juice at the wrong time. Still, your dog is adorable, and your tree looks lovely : )

  2. Merry Christmas David! A very interesting Art Deco rendering of a Gothic theme there in the Manchester Unity building! The dog, by contrast, is quite Beaux Arts :)
    Bucharest, Romania

  3. Dina, Merry Christmas! The camera does love Oscar and the tree is bearing up well but is a bit 'wonky' because Oscar does headbutt it a lot.

    Thanks, Valentin. The MU Building is a fantastic Melbourne building by architect Marcus Barlow. It is like a smaller version of the Chicago Tribune Building. Merry Christmas!

  4. Can't have been anything worth eating in the presents under the tree or he would have done more than headbutt it! We need to organise a visit to MU one Saturday to photograph the etched work - might even need a lamp. best wishes Robin

  5. Sounds good Robin. You could be right about the lamp, I remember it was quite dark in that area. Do you know where we can get one?