Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hastings McLeod, Timaru

Hastings McLeod, Timaru

I thought this was the former State Fire and Accident Insurance Office in Christchurch but I was wrong. It is in Timaru down the coast a bit. It is now used mainly by the Real Estate company Hastings McLeod.

In any case, it might still be a State Fire and Accident Insurance Office since there is one major clue, this magnificent stylised flame motif that appears below each window.

detail, Hastings McLeod, Timaru

And the graduated red paintwork on the columns is somewhat fire-like and is perhaps a subtle reminder of the building's former use.

The doorway however appears to have been changed with a porch added requiring one of the flames to be covered but the complex deco patterns (perhaps Maori inspired) on either side of the transom window are still visible.

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