Saturday, May 7, 2011

RSL, Seymour

RSL, SeymourI spotted this little hall, the Seymour RSL, in the early post-dawn light during a quick stop on the way to Leeton.

At first I thought it was a typical modernist arrangement of rectangular blocks but, as is usually the case, closer inspection reveals a more complex story. There is the use of different coloured bricks creating a dark base for the small entrance foyer and that section of the hall that leads directly off it. A horizontal band runs from the top of that base around the rest of the building. A second band then runs around the whole building at a height just above the door.

Then, strangely perhaps, there is a pure Art Deco feature on the skyline. I don't understand why there is a gap in the element. Perhaps there was something in that gap that has since been removed.

RSL, Seymour

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