Saturday, December 24, 2011

former CBC Bank, Warragul

5 Smith Street, Warragul

This handsome building at 5 Smith St, Warragul in recent times was the offices of M Davine & Co Solicitors. It is currently for sale.

In 1939 the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney (CBC) built it as their Warragul branch. CBC merged with the National Bank of Australia in 1981 undergoing some name chances in the subsequent few years to emerge as the National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB).

The branch closed in 1982.

5 Smith Street, Warragul

List of CBC Branches, CBC Officers Club Inc website (


  1. That handsome building also seemed to be quite confident about the role and security of banking in 1939. Even though the war was about to break out, within a couple of months of the building being completed.

    The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney seemed to be saying "we can sort it all. Warragal can sleep easily".

  2. Well put Helen. Bank buildings are as much about demonstrating security and confidence as a place to deposit your money.