Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tira Moana, Mount Victoria

Tiro Moana, Mount Victoria

I couldn't believe my (bad) luck. In the few seconds between the time I had got out of the car and the time I was in position to take a picture of this Art Deco house called Tiro Moana in Mount Victoria, the people who lived at the back of the property had parked their car blocking most of the lower floor. Truth be known the ground floor wasn't that interesting and I was still able to get a nice photo of the gate.

Tiro Moana, Mount Victoria


  1. What a lovely surprise. I don't know where Mount Victoria is, but I recognise a nicely designed, well preserved Deco building when I see one.

    1. Mt Vic is a suburb/landmark of Wellington, not that far from the city centre. This lovely little house is jammed in the corner of a 90 deg bend in the road.