Friday, November 1, 2013

SF Merchandise Mart, San Francisco

SF Merchandise Mart, San Francisco

I took these photos of the SF Merchandise Mart at 1335 Market Street, San Francisco a few years ago so you can still see the SF Mart signage at the far end of the façade but this 1939 Art Deco building has a new tenant.

SF Merchandise Mart, San Francisco

The building has undergone extension restoration under the supervision of Komorous-Towey Architects and last year Twitter moved in.

SF Merchandise Mart, San Francisco

You can see some more recent photos at US Nation Trust for Historic Preservation blog, PreservationNation.

Komorous-Towey Architects website [Slideshow] Twitter Moves HQ to San Francisco’s Art Deco Merchandise Mart, PreservationNation Blog, posted June 22nd 2012 by David Garber


  1. Gee, it would be great to go to work every day in a building like that. Mind you, I wear a fedora in winter. Might look a little too affected.

  2. Ahh you are in one of my four favourite North American cities. I must admit that San Francisco is inching ahead (how does one say that in Metric?) since my son has been living there.

    The SF Merchandise Mart is rather a monumental piece of architecture, isn't it, but the decorative panels over the door at the very top of the building are lush.

    1. Was in San Francisco in 2010 and loved it. I could go back there again and again. I can see why it is inching ahead in the favouritism stakes.

      BTW I don't think language has gone metric yet and I hope it doesn't. We have lots of words that come from archaic origins and 'inching' is one the hopefully will survive in those countries that converted to metric measures.