Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gents, Maryborough

Gents, MaryboroughPreviously I've written about the fabulous Maryborough Municipal Olympic Pool but in nearby Prince's Park there is an Art Deco toilet block. A deco dunny. Bathrooms are often the source of some great deco features in buildings and it is not unusual to see hoards of people of either gender snapping photos of some fitting or other while on a deco tour.

Gents, MaryboroughThe Gents at Prince's Park in Maryborough is a bit different. It is an outdoor toilet block at a sporting ground.

The interior is very functional and efficient.

The exterior is all decoration.

The block is symetrical with curved ends hiding the entrances from general view. They are marked with two inset speedlines and, nowadays, modern signage.

Gents, MaryboroughThe middle part of the block is stepped with a central rendered section which is stepped even further. Two vertical lines on either side complete the simple decoration.

The entire block is grounded with several rows of darker bricks. This is echoed with a single row of dark bricks along the top of the wall, projecting into the raised central section.

An excellent example of how a careful use of brick can have a striking effect.

I wonder if the gentlemen of Maryborough realise they are visiting an Art Deco gem when the take a break during quarter time at the footy.

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