Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bishopstone Railway Station, Seaford

Bishopstone Railway Station, SeafordI often see interesting buildings down sidestreets and have to detour or a better look.

In this case, a glimpse of an octagonal roof drew me to Bishopstone Railway Station. According to, the station was opened in 1938 with the hope that the nearby village of Bishopstone would expand through the development of commuter homes to link the residential areas to the railway line. The onslaught of WWII put any such plans on hold and the station still seemed remote when I saw it.

In a way it is a shame. In another place (and on a sunnier day) this would be well-known, spectacular art deco building.

The building is symetrical with curved elements either side of the entrance and the main part of the structure set back with that incredible octagonal dome above the ticket hall. A flagpole marks the centre of the leading face.

Bishopstone Railway Station, Seaford

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