Sunday, October 26, 2008

Enterprise Building, Durban

Enterprise Building, DurbanDowntown Durban has a large number of art deco buildings including this one, the Enterprise Building.

The office building was designed by A A Richie McKinley and built in 1931.

Eight storeys tall, painted grey but with some amazing decoration.

Enterprise Building, DurbanFlanking the seventh floor balcony are a pair of winged creatures. The building is not in the best of shape so it is difficult to see exactly what type of creature they might be.

Between these creatures on the front of the balcony is a more typical geometric art deco element.

Lower on the building, the decoration is in much better condition.

Enterprise Building, DurbanThe stand-out is this stylised eagle above the main entrance.

I particularily like the depiction of the birds claws, as if it is perched on the lintel.

Elsewhere, near the entrance, there are a pair of Roman fasces supported by Mayan-style heads.

Enterprise Building, Durban

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