Monday, November 3, 2008

A House in Bendigo

Art Deco House, BendigoThis fabulous house is in Bendigo.

It has so much going for it including the well-maintained garden.

The low stepped wall around the large corner block is gorgeous, mixing raw brick with white-painted render. Look at the gateposts. Bulky cylinders but in porportion to the wall.

The gates could be in the form of stylised plants.

The house itself has two circular rooms at right angles to each other. A wonderful porch has been been created where they meet.

The chimney at the front of the house is tall and striking, rendered white except for the rule of three brick lines near the top.

Another house I could live in ... dream on.

House, Bendigo


  1. wow, what a wonderful streamline home, great find - just stunning David. Do you mind PM me with the location details?

  2. Thanks Thomas, I'll send you some details.

  3. This wonderful home was, for many years, occupied by the Cohn family, who operated a successful company manufacturing & distributing soft-drinks in the Bendigo District I visited there as a chind, some 45 years ago, and vividly recall my fascination with the intact and very art deco bathroom features. I hope they have still been retained.

  4. Classic streamlien Deco House and gardens. Wow! What a composition! It has it all! Pity this ocean liner is so far from the sea.