Saturday, November 15, 2008

Patel's Building, Durban

Patel's Building, DurbanThe Grey Street Precinct of Durban is a bustling commercial with a thriving Indian population. During the interwar period building in the area peaked and many of the local Indian businessmen built premises and naturally put their names on the front. In Durban they call this style Afro-Asian Deco.

Patel's Building dates from 1937. Like many buildings in the area it has an open balcony area on the second storey providing a shaded verandah in front of the shops and businesses at street level. The upper level is supported by 8 columns with simple stepped capitals.

The central two columns are the tallest reaching just above the highest point in the stepped parapet which partly conceals the conventional hip roof behind.

An open latice section on the fron of each section of the balcony provides additional ventilation and simple decoration.

A simple two-tone blue colour scheme highlights the decoration on the columns while the parapet is topped by a rust coloured capping.

Patel's Building, Durban

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