Wednesday, August 5, 2009

former Collingwood Technical College, Collingwood

former Collingwood Technical College

The former Collingwood Technical College is a bit of a hidden gem in Melbourne's Art Deco landscape and international street art in general.

The building was designed by Public Works Department architect Percy Everitt in 1943 and this picture (above) shows the former main entrance. It has a cyclone fence across it now so it does look a bit neglected but at least it has been preserved.

A new entrance has been created around the corner where the former college is much more streamline with long horizontal bands of windows and cream coloured brick.

After facing the threat of demolition a few years ago, the former Tech is now used as a Neighbourhood Justice Centre by the State Government.

The twist in the history of the former college comes in 1984 when New York street artist Keith Haring visited Melbourne and painted the wall facing the car park. It features Haring's trademark simple figures with a large centipede with a computer for a head along the top.

Keith Haring Wall


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