Monday, August 17, 2009

Prince of Wales Hotel, Queenstown

Prince of Wales Hotel, QueenstownThis is the Prince of Wales Hotel on Port Road, Queenstown in Adelaide.

It is a classic two storey streamline Australian pub. The building curves around the corner with the main entrance protected by a large rounded canopy. The underside of the canopy is covered in pressed tin bearing a repeating Art Deco pattern.

Along the Port Road side of the building there is an open balcony with curved ends and a series of three ridged lines providing simple decoration.

Prince of Wales Hotel, QueenstownAlong the facade near the roofline there is decorative frieze consisting of triangles enclosing several rows of wavy lines, horizontal lines with arrowheads and several fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the Prince of Wales.

In these photos, taken in 2005, the decoration is picked out in two shades of bright blue with other elements in a terracotta colour.

Since then, it appears that the hotel has been taken over by the Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club and the building has been painted all over in a dull grey. There is a photo on their website. At least it is only paint.

Prince of Wales Hotel, Queenstown


  1. I had always thought the Victorian pub with wrought iron lace work over the veranda was most typically Australian. But this deco style IS most likely the classic Australian pub, at least for the last few decades.

    The essential elements seem to be: corner location, two storeys, streamline style, large rounded canopy and racing-stripes decoration. I can smell the beer just by looking at the image :)


  2. Thanks Helen
    I agree that the classic Australian pub is the two storey Victorian wrought iron lace work so I did mean that the POW had all the elements (as you have outlined) of a classic Australian streamline pub.

  3. superb post.....yes i am agree with post It is a classic two storey streamline Australian pub.
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