Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Save Live Australian Music - SLAM Rally

SLAM Rally, Melbourne

Yesterday I took part in the Save Live Australian Music Rally from the State Library in Swanston St to Parliament House in Spring St at the top of Bourke St.

SLAM Rally, MelbourneThe SLAM Rally came together as a protest against the current interruptation of the Victorian State Liquor Licencing regulations that are lumping small live music venues with no history of violence as 'high risk' venues along with large beer barns and nightclubs some of which do have a history of violence. The requirements for extra security under the regulations have already forced The Tote in Collingwood to close.

The Rally took the form of the a recreation of AC/DC's classic 1976 clip for "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll)". In that clip, AC/DC played from the back of flatbed truck driving down Swanston St accompanied by three pipers. Yesterday, the part of AC/DC was played by Brian Nankervis and the RocKwiz Orkestra and a few 'ring-ins' including Kram from Spiderbait. They also had three pipers including two of the players from the original clip.

The rally was a huge success and the State Government have already promised to work with live music venues to resolve some of the unintended consequences of the Liquor Licencing reforms.

SLAM Rally, Melbourne

Now I know that people come to this blog to see Art Deco buildings so if you ignore the truck as it makes its way up Bourke St and look at the buildings in the background you'll see the former Bank of NSW (1929) with the Egyptian decoration at the roofline, the much smaller former Rockman's Department Store (1937) and the former Michael's Corner Store (1934-35) ... hmmm ... on the corner.

SLAM Rally, Melbourne

And further along Bourke St, this is the former Metro Cinema now the Palace Theatre which features live music on a regular basis.


  1. Art deco - good
    RocKwiz - good
    Australian music - good
    Melbourne - good
    AC/DC with Bon Scott - the best!

    Thanks for this article, I'd not heard of SLAM before.


  2. It is hard to disagree with anything you have said Elizabeth.

    The State Government have made the right kind of noises about setting up a Peak Body to support live music and to help live music venues remain open however it is just words at this stage and hopefully no other venue will have to close beacause of these Liquor Licensing intrepretations and the Tote will re-open soon.