Friday, July 9, 2010

Globe Hotel, Port Adelaide

Globe Hotel, Port AdelaideWhen I took this picture about 5 years ago, this was a hotel with a crisis of identity. There are clearly two names. Globe Hotel along the top of the building and Golden Port Tavern in the faded paintwork of the wooden verandah. I have seen a more recent photo and the verandah has been repainted covering the Golden Port Tavern name but the Globe Hotel name has also been painted the same colour as the hotel facade suggesting to me that it no longer goes by that name either.

In any case, it is a fine looking Art Deco pub in Port Adelaide that was probably called the Globe Hotel in the 1930s when it was built (or renovated). A bit of detective work looking at the photos, shows that the signage on the left of the building covers the older Globe Hotel name indicating that the Golden Port Tavern is a more recent incarnation.

Does anyone in Port Adelaide know the history of this pub?

Globe Hotel, Port Adelaide

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